Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gabrielle is taking a little dance class. She loves it. She begged to take a tap class like Madeline, but settled for any class!

Madeline is still taking her gymnastics but decided she wanted she take dance again. I signed her up for a ballet class, the first day she went, she insisted she was staying for the tap class right afterwards as well. She takes an hour and half straight of dance classes once a week. Her instructor suggested that she audition for the Nutcracker this weekend and she wants to! We'll give it a shot, I'm proud that she want to try but part of me doesn't want to commit to the schedule that they demand.

Julian will be 6 months old soon. He WANTS food. He is such an easy going baby, never crying but if you try to eat in front of him then he gets peeved. The girls never wanted food this bad, he will literally rip food out of my mouth. This morning he started sobbing because I was carrying food for the girls he wanted it. I gave him a little banana chunk in a mesh bag. He was utterly thrilled,. He sat in his saucer, shoving the banana in his mouth, and smacking his lips.

Julian isn't quite the little chunk like he used to be. He had a major growth spurt and lengthened out. I do miss the triple chin.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

checking in

Wow. I can't believe it is fall already. Life with three children is quite busy, I feel like I have no free time anymore. What little time I do manage to have I have been busy doing LLL work. I have had more calls in the last few weeks then I have had in months, I spent hours and hours last week alone on the phone. Every time I walked in the door I had a message or two waiting for me. I love doing breastfeeding support but do wish it wasn't quite so time consuming.

Madeline is still thriving at her school. She is becoming quite the little social butterfly. Ryan went to eat lunch with her the other day. She gets her lunch (it was hot lunch day), and goes and sits with the 3rd and 4th graders. Ryan asks her why she isn't eating with her classmates, "but Daddy, these are my friends.". LOL.