Saturday, October 4, 2008

back from Denver

We are glad to be home, it was a long week. Madeline had a a rough time being away from home. She has never been a good traveler, not liking the car, but has always loved to be away. She likes eating out, staying in hotels, seeing different things. This time traveling made her anxiety worse, she spent most of the time asking to go back to the hotel or wanting to stay in the car instead of going into places. She also didn't eat while we were gone, nothing more then a bite here and there. I weighed her tonight when we got home and she had lost over 3 lbs, not a small number for a 5.5 year old who has yet to hit 40 lbs.

Madeline like the Star Center which is good since we'll be spending a lot of time there! The evaluations came back like we expected, no surprises. Mild SPD, they didn't see any signs of ADD but also said the anxiety could be masking it. There is a general language learning disability. We don't know much more then that, her short term memory for learning is nonexisant. Out of 20 testing questions, everything from rubber ducks, letters, numbers, etc... She could never pick out the item again if it wasn't in front of her. She scored very high on other visual processing testing though. Auditory testing was similar. She was unable to notice when words were similar "thing" and "think" for example, but other scores were somewhat average. More testing will have to be done to further narrow down issues, she also has every single early symptom of dyslexia. We probably won't pursue more evaluations until next year when we are finished with the OT and listening therapy. We brought home the equipment to start the listening therapy here, more on that another day though.