Tuesday, June 24, 2008

how fast they grow up

I just spend some time looking at old pics of Madeline. It helped to clear my mind some, remind myself that the angry child she has been lately, isn't the only side of her. 

We will be seeking more opinions, we might travel to Denver or Houston, maybe both. Ryan and I need to talk about it more. Madeline has been diagnosed with significant sensory integration dysfuction, with secondary cognitive issues, unknown if it is congential or functioning, but she is functioning like a 2-3 year old. This is not sensory issues with food, clothing, noises, but rather her brain doesn't organize sensory input, she doesn't get many things. She is also seeking tactile though activity. She very well may have ADD, she is too young to accurately test right now. 

The bad news, there is no magic cure. Lots of OT can help, unfortunately there is virtually none to speak here. We got referred up to Denver for more testing, one being a state of the art clinic where they take pictures of the brain and see exactly where the problem areas lie. Another is an intense three week OT program to help teach us how to help her. 

I am also well aware that many children are being diagnosed with SPD/SID that don't have it, they have other issues that may mimic this. The brain is a tricky thing to see into. I would hate to pour thousands down the drain right away if it truly is something else, all of this is very expensive and it is all out of pocket. I have a contact in Houston who referred me to a University there can do further evaluations. We might choose to go to Texas, do further testing, see what they come up with and then come up with a plan. 


That didn't work. Maybe one of these days I need to figure out how to work this whole blog thing! bigger type would be nice as well..... I give up for the night. Ryan is sick as as dog so I can't ask my IT hubby to help me. I will get them posted this week, promise!


It's been a bad day. More on that another time, maybe tomorrow. We got Madeline's results back from her evaluation, it's not good.

To keep my mind on something else, I'll post some pics finally! When I go to Maine next month, Ryan is going to replace the flooring in our living room and play room with cork. Here are the before pics.